Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting Ready for Journal #2

The deadline for issue #2 of the OSFMapa Journal is rapidly approaching. Articles must be in my hands by May 31st! Our theme this time is "Legendary Characters". Members do not need to write "on topic", but please feel free to use this theme as a starting point if you are having a bit of writer's block!

Legendary Characters can mean quite a few different things, I believe. You could write about miniatures lines that were created to represent famous characters from literature, such as the works of Tolkien, Burroughs, or Howard. Legendary characters from the worlds created specifically for the games themselves such as Greyhawk, Tekumel, or Gloratha would also be suitable topics. Characters from history and myth have often been represented with figure lines as well. You could even write about some of the legendary real-life figures in the gaming industry such as Uncle Duke Seifried!

Really, the only limit to what you write about is that it must be of interest to fans of old fantasy miniatures. Basically: If you (minis-fan) would like to read about it, it's fair game to write about it! We're a small community of fans, and most of us have similar interests. Let your imagination run wild!

I know that's way too small to read, so.... I've just posted a (bigger) jpeg of the contents page of OSFMapa Journal #1 in my Flickr photostream. Please take a look if you want to see what our members wrote about last issue!


  1. Will you be printing printing extra copies for sale?

    1. We should have a few available for sale in early July.

      We increased the print run this time, but I won't know exactly how many extra copies there are until all the members receive theirs, and the comp copies for guest contributors and honories are sent out.

      This one is shaping up to be even better than #1!